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Orecchiette pugliesi

Formato Format: package 500 g   ℮

Ingrediente Ingredients: durum wheat, water

Abbinamento Pairings: turnip tops, tomato sauce, meat sauce

Tempo di cottura Preparation time: 16 min.

3,10 €

Note di degustazione

Notes :
Orecchiette pugliesi of durum wheat, hand-worked using only simple and genuine ingredients according to tradition. Round and concave, with the center thinner than the edge and with the rough surface that holds the sauce.


The orecchiette (or recchietelle in the Apulian dialect), are the typical format of homemade pasta, a gastronomic symbol of Puglia known and appreciated all over the world.
The classic Apulian recipe combines orecchiette with turnip tops, but they also perfectly match with meat sauce, tomato sauce and strong ricotta, dried tomatoes and vegetables; to be eaten preferably with Primitivo or Negroamaro red wine.
A first course rich in taste, which teases the palate and delights the eyes of adults and children.

Ulteriori informazioni

Calories 350 kcal

1,0 g of which saturated 0,1 g


75,0 g of which sugar 1,0 g


12,0 g

Dietary fibre

2,5 g


2,0 mg